On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem……….

The Little Trident

Kids honesty can be a great leveller of the adult ego, and my little grandson was no exception.

One day after watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ on tv he ran outside to help his Grandad in the garden. There he found a magic tool.

My husband had taken his small gardening fork and fixed it to a broomstick, for him, it eliminated bending as he cultivated the garden flower beds.

For Vaughn though, it was the perfect magic trident of King Neptune.

He had sat entranced by the fantastic magical powers of that golden trident. He wished he had one. What wonders would he be able to perform?

He pounced on the tool and dashed inside, brandishing it in his mother’s direction, and announcing,

“I am King Neptune… and this is my magic trident! Mommy, what is your wish?”

Laura Looked up from her Stephen King novel,

“I want a bunch of new books to read please,”

“OK! Chakitcha! You’ve got new books.”

“Now Grandad”, he turned to my husband,

” I am King Neptune, and this is my magic trident, what is your wish?

His mind never far from his greatest love, John answered promptly,
“I would like a crate of beer.”

“OK. Chakitcha! You’ve got a crate of beer!”

Then it was my turn,

“Granny. I’m King Neptune, and this is my magic trident, what is your wish?”

Pretending to think hard, I said

” Umm,” he stood before me, ready to make my dreams come true.

” Umm… I want to be the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world!”

Suddenly crestfallen, he looked at me, and speaking as gently as he could, said

“Oh Granny, it’s only a little trident.”

The family collapsed in hysterical laughter. Me, not so much.

OK! I thought,’ Message received’. No kidding myself anymore.

Yup, kids say the most genuine things, too.

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