On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem………


My son Sean enjoyed life to the max. The main objective of his existence was fun… and women. If he could combine the two, well game on.

One day he and his pals jumped into a couple of cars to visit Chelmsford Dam just outside Newcastle. While driving home in the front vehicle Sean, not exactly of sound mind, decided…

” Let’s moon them,”

Always with the bright ideas, he parked the car around a curve, hidden from sight, then all three of them jumped out and dropped their pants…

Good idea, bad idea. He forgot that he was mooning with the brother of the guy who was driving the other car. So when, after displaying his derriere to it’s fullest glory, then diving out of the way, he found his buddies had jumped to the opposite side of the road.

Wrenching the wheel wildly to avoid hitting his brother, the driver swerved and crashed into Sean instead.

Later, in the hospital with a pelvis broken in three pieces, Sean’s only concern was for the ladies in his life, and how his injuries would affect his performance with them.

He really did not have to worry on that score though.

Having been disruptive in the ward with his noisy, if comical, behaviour he had been banished to the verandah.

Big mistake, as the matron discovered, when even though he was in full traction, she caught him and his young nurse enjoying life to the fullest, far from prying eyes.

He did eventually make a full recovery, so there was a happy ending to his not so delighted bending.

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