On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem………


My dad and I had a love-hate relationship. I suppose he had to love me, I was his daughter, after all, but he hated my sassiness. He also hated my habit of taking whatever I fancied, usually without permission.

Now, in those days we didn’t have a very reliable car. It would often suddenly stop running, if it was nighttime, Dad would grab the torch he kept in the cubbyhole, just for those occasions. Shining it on her innards, he would fiddle about with various items and somehow miraculously get the old girl running again.

One night, however, after breaking down in the dark, he reached for his trusty light, which wasn’t there.

It just so happened I had been in dire need of a light to look for something under my bed, or something in my cupboard, or something in the trees. I don’t know, but I needed the torch. So, obviously, grabbed it from the car.

Didn’t put it back though. Didn’t think that far, so left it where I had used it.

Now it was needed. Now it wasn’t there. Dad slammed shut the cubbyhole in anger.

“Bloody hell,” he yelled, “Wish people would put things back when they were finished using them!”

Not entirely sure he knew who the culprit was, I piped up,

“People, such as… ?”

Just testing the water…

My dad was a gentle soul, he didn’t enjoy confrontation, so he said,

“No, no, no. no names mentioned…”

then he glanced back at me and saw  my cocky expression,

“… no names mentioned… ?but YOU, MARION!”

OK! Wow! Talk of a mixed message

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