On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem………


Following his ’mooning’ accident, and with a shattered pelvis, my son, Sean, was faced with months of bedridden immobility in the local hospital. He had to lie as still as possible, to give his bones a chance to repair themselves. As he was otherwise perfectly healthy, this became an interminable, dull, experience.

It was also costly. Eventually, I asked if it would be alright if, he came home, but used a wheelchair instead of walking
They thought that was a great idea, and happily, if a trifle hurriedly, agreed.

So began a time of times. He used to wheel himself around town, going to the bank and suchlike. Now people were very understanding of the difficulties this handsome young man so tragically had to face. They stepped aside, smiled gently, and helped him as much as they could.

But then, this day came. He had rolled to the bank, drawn some cash, and then as the crowd parted for him and gave way, one of the wheels slipped off the pavement. Sean and his wheelchair landed in an unhappy pile in front of everybody. Horrified, people rushed to his assistance, cars stopped, and the drivers jumped out to help.

Furious, and embarrassed, Sean’s temper raged in. He stood up, swore profusely, then grabbed the chair, folded it, and walked off with it under his arm.

Onlookers expressions ranged from anger to amusement, to temporary befuddlement.

On another occasion in the middle of a clothing shop, on a Saturday morning, he stood up and shouted out,

”Look, everybody! It is a miracle! I can walk!”

Life with Sean was a miracle every day. With his sense of humour and passion for life, he kept us on our toes, but never, never bored.

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