On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem………


How many of us have played around with our children, asking what they wanted to be when grown-up? Making suggestions of different, very masculine professions for our boys, such as Doctor, or Pilot.

Maybe a soldier, or, how about a Sailor’s life for him, visiting foreign lands, seeing how the rest of the world lived? The options were endless at his age. His young mind was like a delicate cup waiting to be filled with life.

On one occasion,, my friend and I were bombarding a little kid we knew with all these questions. Today this kid stands tall and buff and has a ‘majestic’ red beard.

He has such an imposing presence that a friend, who did not recognize him in the dark one night, actually crossed the street. He wanted to avoid any confrontation with the tall, slightly sinister hooded figure approaching him.

Vaughn wasn’t always so big, obviously… duh. On the day we were asking what his dreams and aspirations were, he was maybe four years old.

Even so, he had fully decided on his chosen path in life. He announced in very definite tones.

“I want to be a…”

We waited for his pronouncement. Was it going to be an Engine Driver, a Fireman or even, maybe, an Astronaut?.
And then he said it, and shattered all our loving delusions,

“I want to be a fairy!”

My friend and I looked at each other. For a moment, unbelieving, shocked, dumbfounded.
Then the sheer joy and charm of his imagination hit us

it was, of course, all their magical powers he wanted, and to be able to fly.

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