On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem……….

Close Shave!

Who has owned a Wahl Hair Clipper? They are marvellous tools for those who do not want the hassle of going to a barber. They’re great for trimming beards, and for quick haircuts.

The various blades gave different results, with differing lengths of hair, varying from a close cut, to buzz cut to Pompadour, or some such. Without any attachments attached, it was great for close shaves and the smooth experience.

We invested in one of these marvellous machines. I love gadgets, always been a sucker for them, and as our family has been. Blessed with genes that give thick, dense hair, thought a home barber kit would be a good buy.

It might even save money. There were, after all, three men in our house. Think of all those free haircuts we were gonna get.

Back to genes, Sean was blessed indeed. He had a luxuriant head of hair, which would have been great, had he been a woman, but as a guy, challenging to keep neat and tidy, and short.

On one occasion, when he was actually living at home, he was trimming his hair with the fancy new Wahl clippers. He had fitted the perfect set of teeth, for the length he wanted, and was midway through the first cut when the phone rang.

This was back in the nineties, just before cell phones became the norm, and every home only had a landline. A permanent fixture wherever it had been installed. So Sean had to put down the clippers and go into the dining room to answer the call.

It was his girlfriend, so he chatted for a while, flirting with her, and making plans for their next date. Eventually, he put down the receiver and went outside into the garden for a smoke and a think.

It was a lovely sunny day, so I joined him. We chatted a while, then I went into the kitchen to start supper.

While we had been outside, enjoying the weather, Vaughn, my beloved little grandson, with his insatiable curiosity, had wandered over and picked up the interesting new gadget

He looked it over and then pulled off the long black doohickey, and putting it in his mouth walked off, looking for other entertainment.

Sean came back from the garden, and with his mind still on the phone call, picked up the clippers. And with one determined sweep launched it on its first soiree through his hair.

It would have been a perfect cut. However, minus the’ long’ blade attachment, it was down to it’s’ Au natural’ state, so to speak. So, like a lawnmower through grass, it shaved his head, leaving a swathe of bright, gleaming scalp, front and centre.

There is a look that men sometimes get. It’s a quiet, desperate, acceptance of what must be, plus a fury that it must so be. Sean turned and, at first, just looked at me, his face a perfect mask of stoicism. Then a wave of anger washed over his features. The fury had arrived.

It was then that I took Vaughn’s hand and gently led him out the door,

” Come Vaughnie, let’s go for a nice long walk. Quickly, now.”

I’m not sure just who’s shave was the closest that day, Sean’s or Vaughn’s, but I’m glad I was there to intervene.

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