On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem……….


Some kids are absolute little terrors and screaming adverts for birth control. Other kids are ok and great for entertainment value and other things, like bringing one’s spectacles, or fetching the newspaper, or performing some such service.

Grandchildren, however, are God’s reward for having raised one’s kids successfully and not having wrung their necks in the process.

 When my daughter presented me with a charming little fellowwe named Vaughn, and I was over the moon. 

 He was to bring us untold joy, with laughter and fun being the order of the day. He was very proud of his immense strength, at least it was in his two-year-old mind. I can still see him picking up an enormous white pumpkin and declaring,

 ” Look, Gran, I strong.”

 Also proudly informing his great aunt on the phone,.

 ” I big now.”

 One night the lights failed, an experience we never learned to enjoy. Anger and frustration filled the air as our TV cut out, computers shut down, and the room was plunged into sudden pitch-black darkness. Sighs, and curses and complaints about Eskom further blackened the night.

 Then. Vaughn’s surprised reaction to being abruptly engulfed by night was to ask in an upset, and curious little voice,

” Hey, where did I go?”

His utter bemusement provoked an outburst of laughter, and our moods immediately brightened, even if the room remained in the gloom. 


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