On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem……….


Teachers are heroes. There is no doubting that.

I take my hat off to them because they work with children, and they also seem to enjoy their work. Strange, hey?

There was one teacher, though, who wasn’t too keen on me. He battled with my total non-comprehension of anything mathematical. My gormless expression must have frustrated him beyond belief. So much so that he lost all patience with me one day, and hurled a piece of chalk at me, yelling,

“Stop sitting there like a stuffed owl.”

Didn’t help: I was still as thick as a brick.

For the most part, teachers are, as I said, they have to deal with all those pre-pubescent, juvenile minds that come attached to their pupils. Some children work hard, always do homework and are generally perfect little angels and a joy to teach.

But then, there are those other kids in the classroom teachers o have to handle. They were Those nasty, little critters who delight in someone else’s pain or discomfort. They find somethings enormously funny. Such as seeing a friend slip and fall, or the pain of a classmate sitting on a strategically placed thumbtack.

My victim, in this little act of cruelty, was the class brain. She knew all the answers to all the questions, and never gave anyone else a chance to show off their cleverness.

So, one day I tried the upturned drawing pin trick on her.

That was the first time I met the headmaster on a one on one basis.

A friend of mine, by the name of Tim Braybrooke, devised a unique little trick in class. He fixed the divider from his maths set in his shoe so that the points stuck out the front, and then he kicked the unprotected bum of his classmate on the bench in front of him.

The yelp of anguish from the student drew everyone’s attention, including the teacher’s.

Seeing him squeal and rise in sudden pain, and Tim’s gleeful reaction behind him, filled Mr Hunphrey with rage.

He grabbed the blackboard divider, opened it to its full extended length, and stood there, armed, dangerous and belligerent.

” Now Braybrooke, Prick ME!”

He challenged his pupil furiously.

Tim declined.

You see, on that day size certainly mattered, and seeing that tall man standing there, wielding that king-size weapon, well, discretion was the better part of valour.

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