On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem……….


My dad used to entertain us by telling us stories before we went to bed at night, and this was one that I’ll always remember. It went something like this,

There was once a lazy, one-eyed farmer, who, although insisted on his workers toiling under the blazing sun, would himself park in the shade, sometimes quietly dozing off. At times he would even take off in his truck to get some shuteye at home.

He soon learned though that immediately his dust had settled, the workers would also down tools and take a well-earned break.

This situation was not good enough in the farmer’s mind. After all, he was paying these people to work. Minimum wage, admittedly, but still, it was pay.

So one day he had a brilliant idea. He figured out how to kill two birds with one stone. Knowing how superstitious the rural workers were, he decided to put his glass eye on a rock when he left, knowing they would think he could still see them.

Sure enough, it did the trick. Thinking the farmer could somehow, magically watch them, the workers continued to labour away in his absence.

Everything was working out fine for the lazy one-eyed farmer. He could sneak off for his naps, and they’d continue sweating and grafting under the relentless sun. Until that is, one of them had an even more ingenious idea than his boss’.

He crept up quietly behind the rock, then swiftly crammed his hat down over the eye.

Problem solved.

No more all-seeing eye.

Time for a break.

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