On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem……….

Intuition: A mothers gift from God??

My son, Sean, lived his life to the fullest. He grabbed life by the horns and cheerfully rode the beast bareback, enjoying where ever it took him. And it took him on many an exciting ride.

This narrative is more about me, though, or rather about’ mothers intuition’. Mothers are amazing creatures. My mother, who was all of five foot nothing, was a feisty defender of her children, whether they were right or wrong. No one dared attack her kids because she would be there, feathers bristling, claws sharpened, and lethal fangs bared.

Okay, she didn’t actually transform into some ungodly Chimera of sorts, but you get the idea, she was protective of her babies.

Me too, My kids were my most precious beings, and I loved them fiercely. Sean, my eldest child, filled my life with fun, farce and a good deal of fear.

He got into all sorts of scrapes and situations but seemed to have a special Guardian Angel protecting him who would save his ass time after time.

He took a four-mile hike at the tender age of two. He dodged a pot of boiling water I knocked off a stove, which landed upright beside him with not a drop splashing on him. He Survived a deadly stomach infection from drinking polluted water.

It seemed he was invincible.

One awful day though he nearly took too high a chance with his young life. Living in the country, we often had unwelcome visitors from the surrounding bush. Scary spiders, enormous horned beetles, strange spiked geckos were a few of these intruders.

On this day though Sean discovered a very interesting’ wormy’ lying at the foot of the verandah steps. It was a snake, a Night Adder, about two feet in length, brown, and very unhappy that a two-year-old toddler had stepped on it. In an entirely reflexive reaction, it sank its fangs into that chubby little foot.

Sean squealed in pain and jumped back. We grabbed him and saw the two puncture holes in his foot. John looking for something to use as a tourniquet, took a tie and wrapped it tightly around his leg, then we jumped into the car to make the hour-long drive to Salisbury and the nearest doctor.

In the car I released the tightly tied tie, something told me that was not the way to go. John yelled at me,

” Leave it on! We’ve got to stop the poison going any higher.”

” No. No. I don’t think so.”

At this point, I was in such a state of fear

that I was beginning to cry, my little two-year-old son, Sean patted me comfortingly,

“Don’t cry, Mommy,”, which of-course produced even more floods of tears.

When we got him to the doctor,  it turned out that little whisper in my ear to not use the tourniquet was right. Had we stopped the flow of blood, the venom would have pooled in his foot, and he would have had to have it amputated.

What was it that made me go against everything I had ever heard of, or read about snake bites?

Was it that mysterious force of feminism known as ‘Intuition’? The dictionary describes Intuition as naturally knowing something without prior information.  Mmm, could be. Or, was it a whisper from some all-knowing higher being?

I truly feel God had his hand over us that day.

That particular species of snake featured in another story of my life, which I will tell another day.



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