Who knows that old prayer," From ghoulies and ghosties, and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, Lord deliver us"? Well my brother-in-law, Jordy, may well have sent up this prayer had he known it, on one occasion in his life. As a youngster, Jordy lived near a cemetery and had to pass it on his way home. During the daytime, he didn't mind riding his bike alongside the old, neglected graves lying behind a dilapidated fence. In the sunlight, the old cracked tombstones seemed as simply forgotten reminders of forgotten people, but at night, it was different. Sounds creeped him out, and imagined voices whispered in his ears, that was when he developed a U shaped back with cold shivers running up and down his spine. READ MORE>>>


On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem.......... BUMPS & RUMPS! Goats. Who loves .goats? Remember Heidi and Peter, and his herd? They were cute, weren't they? And they are smart. The ram who ran the show on our farm was a mean son of a bitch. I'm sorry for the language, … Continue reading BUMPS & RUMPS !!!