Come to think of it. Maybe those bath interruptions were not the worst, perhaps those that ripped me from my slumbers were. The rage that would engulf me on these occasions would be dizzying. I imagined him, or her, giggling at the other end of the line, absolutely delighting in my frustration and fury. The calls were beginning to affect my health. The constant interruption of my sleep was tiring me out. I was becoming irritable. All I wanted was to have a good night's sleep but found even when the phone did not ring, I still lay awake, waiting for, and dreading the sound of its bell.


Who knows that old prayer," From ghoulies and ghosties, and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, Lord deliver us"? Well my brother-in-law, Jordy, may well have sent up this prayer had he known it, on one occasion in his life. As a youngster, Jordy lived near a cemetery and had to pass it on his way home. During the daytime, he didn't mind riding his bike alongside the old, neglected graves lying behind a dilapidated fence. In the sunlight, the old cracked tombstones seemed as simply forgotten reminders of forgotten people, but at night, it was different. Sounds creeped him out, and imagined voices whispered in his ears, that was when he developed a U shaped back with cold shivers running up and down his spine. READ MORE>>>


On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem.......... LIGHTS OUT, LAUGHS IN! Some kids are absolute little terrors and screaming adverts for birth control. Other kids are ok and great for entertainment value and other things, like bringing one's spectacles, or fetching the newspaper, or performing some such service. Grandchildren, however, are … Continue reading LIGHTS OUT, LAUGHS IN!!!



On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem.......... ALBERT FALLS AND SO DO I! To house sit for my sister and her game warden husband, was an excellent escape for Laura and me, and one we enjoyed. On one occasion, we were looking after their house at Albert Falls, in Kwa-Zulu Natal. … Continue reading ALBERT FALLS AND SO DO I!!!


On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem.......... Walk Of Wonder! You know, I think not all women was born to be mothers. Some women revel in the experience, throwing themselves enthusiastically into the role. Living for their child's every breath. Documenting each step they took. Boring others with photographs, and certificates, … Continue reading WALK OF WONDER!


Who has owned a Wahl Hair Clipper? They are marvellous tools for those who do not want the hassle of going to a barber. They’re great for trimming beards, and for quick haircuts. The various blades gave different results, with differing lengths of hair, varying from a close cut, to buzz cut to Pompadour, or some such. Without any blades attached it was great for close shaves, and the bald experience.


The outhouse was a simple brick construction built around a very deep hole, with a crude brick and wood seat over the crater. The roof made of corrugated iron rattled in the wind. When it rained the drops hammered down fon the metal creating a deafening din. Using them was an interesting experience.


My son, Brent, was to my mind, the perfect child. He did not do any of things his elder brother or sister did. He did not play hooky, Nor did he show the complete lack of interest in anything educational, like. his sister, Laura. She preferred to spend her mind on things more important, like animals, or fairies, or some such........ click too find out more.


On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem......... Tractor or Detractor! Without TV or any modern technology such as is available today, my dad used to entertain us by telling stories as we sat around the fire at night. Beautiful times, and a great life. One of his tales was that of … Continue reading TRACTOR OR DETRACTOR!


On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem......... Downing Delgado and Dodging Death! Modern technology is fantastic. Think about it, we have TV, telephones, face-time and Skype. We can actually see the person we are talking to, even if they are thousands of miles away. All a far cry from pigeon post … Continue reading DOWNING DELGADO & DODGING DEATH!