Who has owned a Wahl Hair Clipper? They are marvellous tools for those who do not want the hassle of going to a barber. They’re great for trimming beards, and for quick haircuts. The various blades gave different results, with differing lengths of hair, varying from a close cut, to buzz cut to Pompadour, or some such. Without any blades attached it was great for close shaves, and the bald experience.


How many of us have played around with our children, asking what they wanted to be when grown up? Making suggestions of different, very masculine professions for our boys, such as Doctor, or Pilot. Well click the link below, to find out what my grandson wanted to be when he grew up!


He had sat entranced by the amazing magical powers of that golden trident. He wished he had one. What wonders would he be able to perform? He pounced on the tool and dashed inside, brandishing it in his mother's direction, and announcing, “I am King Neptune... and this is my magic trident! Mommy, what is your wish?”