On my hike down memory lane, I stumbled across this gem.......... Walk Of Wonder! You know, I think not all women were born to be mothers. Some women revel in the experience, throwing themselves enthusiastically into the role. Living for their child’s every breath. Documenting each step they took. Boring others with photographs, and certificates, … Continue reading WALK OF WONDER!


Who has owned a Wahl Hair Clipper? They are marvellous tools for those who do not want the hassle of going to a barber. They’re great for trimming beards, and for quick haircuts. The various blades gave different results, with differing lengths of hair, varying from a close cut, to buzz cut to Pompadour, or some such. Without any blades attached it was great for close shaves, and the bald experience.


How many of us have played around with our children, asking what they wanted to be when grown up? Making suggestions of different, very masculine professions for our boys, such as Doctor, or Pilot. Well click the link below, to find out what my grandson wanted to be when he grew up!


My son, Brent, was to my mind, the perfect child. He did not do any of things his elder brother or sister did. He did not play hooky, Nor did he show the complete lack of interest in anything educational, like. his sister, Laura. She preferred to spend her mind on things more important, like animals, or fairies, or some such........ click too find out more.


Following his ’mooning’ accident, and with a shattered pelvis, my son, Sean, was faced with months of bedridden immobility in the local hospital. He had to lie as still as possible, to give his bones a chance to repair themselves. As he was otherwise perfectly healthy this became an interminable, boring, experience............. Click the link to find out more