The two of us were having a violent, but silent, altercation. Dad had warned us if we did not cease our squabbling forthwith, he would stop the car and make us walk. As we did not want to attract his attention but still wanted to murder one another, we were as quiet as possible. We were pinching one another, pulling hair, digging our nails into each other's flesh. Nothing was too extreme, but all done in silence. To read the rest follow the link below ----> NEW BLOG POST LIVE!!! Head on over to the link below and take a moment to laugh. This week, we bring you THE BIG BOING THEORY!!! Please like and share it. Please drop a comment. TIA by Marion Clark #MMH #THEBIGBOINGTHEORY #MARIONSMINDHIKES #HOUSEOFWRITERS #RT


THIS WEEKS STORY: INTUITION: A MOTHERS GIFT FROM GOD? One awful day though he nearly took too high a chance with his young life. Living in the country, we often had unwelcome visitors from the surrounding bush. Scary spiders, enormous horned beetles, strange spiked geckos were a few of these intruders. To find out what happens follow the link: #MMH #MARIONSMINDHIKES #HOUSEOFWRITERS #INTUITIONAMOTHERSGIFTFROMGOD? #BLOGGER